Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Weekly Schedule

My Weekly Schedule is the backbone to my home and time organization.  It's fairly simple, and it has to be...otherwise, I wouldn't do it.  Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll go into more detail of each item and how I incorporate my children into this schedule so they learn the importance of working too.

I've altered this schedule throughout the years to accommodate changes (more kids, bigger home, volunteering at the school, etc.)

I know everyone's schedule cannot be the same as mine, so here's a blank one that you can fill in as you need:

Download either of these documents HERE.

I'll be honest, I'm constantly tweaking my schedule as life changes!  But for the most part, the schedule is a definite constant.  

Most of my deep cleaning happens in the morning, after I've worked out (if I'm lucky!) and still in grubby clothes.  It's assumed with this list that cleaning up after meals and tidying up are done throughout the day.

It's actually too overwhelming for me to clean the whole house in a week.  I have 3 bathrooms and I can't manage to clean all 3 of them in 2 days so what I do is one week is the main floor and the next week is the basement with the exception of the kitchen (since I don't have a kitchen in the basement), I work on cleaning the kitchen every week.  Then alternate.  It's seemed to work with our family.  The kids help me clean the level of the house that I don't clean that week so if I'm cleaning the main floor, they will be assigned jobs in the basement (bathroom, dusting and vacuuming, etc.).

For laundry, I try to get it all washed and dried all morning, then it gets folded and put away when I help kids with homework after school.  On bad days it will get folded when my husband and I sit down to watch something on Netflix after the kids go to bed :).  Then I'll just put it away the next morning!

My "other" category always happens during afternoon naptime.  This is my downtime, even though I'm still technically working.

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