Monday, February 9, 2015

Piano Lesson Scheduler

I've decided to drop my piano teacher and continue teaching my kids piano by myself.  Crazy?  Maybe, but I know I can do what she does and all for FREE.  I just have to be consistent!!

So I put together a few materials to place in a 3-ring binder to help both my kids and I stay organized!  I treated it all as if I were a formal piano teacher so in the future I could potentially teach other kids who are not my own.

Here's the binder cover so they can write in their name on the front page and slip it in the front cover:

This is to be cut out to go in the spine of the binder:

This is my note to parents (if ever needed):

 The lesson schedule for me to write down the date of our lesson and the pages in each book she should be practicing for that week:

Just a page for me to leave notes as needed:

A practice chart:
Honestly, I'm not a fan of making a child sit for a certain amount of time.  Rather, I like assigning them a specific amount of work, and once it's completed, they can be finished!  My preference is to have the child play each song assigned for that week 5 times.  2 times they should sing the notes they are playing, 2 times they should do the counting, and 1 time silently or do the duet with me if applicable.

Then a reward sticker page as they will be receiving stickers for completing their practicing for the week and when we finish up our lesson (so 2 stickers per week at our lesson):

Find all these documents HERE.

The books I like to start with are:  Alfred's Basic Piano Library, Prep Course for the Young Beginner...
(it's that top row of books that says "Young Beginner Prep Course")

The books in each level that I prefer are the Lesson Book, Technic Book, Solo Book and Theory Book.  There are several other books in each level that I don't buy (Notespeller is one).  Then we just start at Level A and work our way up!  If you notice in Alfred's map above, once we complete Level F in the "Young Beginner" level, we'll move to Level 3 in the "Beginner" until we complete Level 6.  Once that's reached (fingers crossed we get there!), I'll most likely be paying for a piano teacher :).

There is also a downloadable Alfred's Teacher's Guide that I'll be using to help me teach Level A.  The link for that is HERE.

If you want to see my other posts on teaching kids piano lessons, find everything HERE and scroll through.

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