Friday, February 13, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week - Teachers are Rockstars!

This is what our school did for Teacher Appreciation Week last year!  It was LOTS of fun and we got great feedback from the teachers.  A lot of my ideas came from this post HERE.  You can check out all of my other PTA related posts HERE (including some are Red Ribbon Week, LOTS of bulletin boards, more Teacher Appreciation Weeks, etc.).

Have the kids during their library rotation, several weeks before Teacher Appreciation week, fill out/color these papers HERE.

Also during library rotations, have each of the kids sign a picture mat found HERE printed on various colored card stock (purchased from Wal-Mart).  Make sure they don't sign inside the square as that's where the photo will be glued on.


Bulletin Board:  Create a back drop to take teacher’s picture that says “Our Teachers are Rock Stars!” Part of the activity during the week will be to take the teacher's pictures in front of the empty bulletin board like these:

Once the pictures are taken, print 2 copies of each teacher.  Use one copy for the bulletin board, attaching each teacher's name to their picture.  The 2nd copy will be given as a gift during the week which will be matted on the signed picture mat.

Have students participate in a Spirit Week (where they get to dress up to show their support).  Here is the flyer we sent home with students the week before:
Download the flyer HERE.

Then here are the daily activities we came up with:

Monday: Rock the Red Carpet
Red butcher paper on the front hallway floor with die-cut stars of teacher’s name written on each.  Kids can use crayons (or markers if they can be monitored) and sign their name next to any teacher they’ve had.
Take a picture of each teacher with bulletin board as backdrop.  Have “photo booth” items like a feather boa, mustache, hair, etc.
Kids Spirit Week: Hats off to teachers!  Wear your favorite hat! (Hats are not allowed in our school district but we received special permission from the principal that this would be appropriate for this day.)

Tuesday: We love you a Latte!
Mid morning, deliver to teachers during class: mugs (from Ikea for $1.00) full of hot chocolate mix, single cup Keurig packets, a straw, peppermint sticks, marshmallows, creamer, etc. Wrapped with cellophane, ribbon and a tag found HERE (the 3rd page of this document).
Kids Spirit Week: We LOVE our teachers!!  Wear read to show your LOVE!

Wednesday:  Fan Mail!
Have a “mail man” deliver letters that the kids wrote/colored during their library rotations. Bundle each teacher's "Fan Mail" by folding each paper into thirds, tie with twine and attach a tag found HERE (it's the 2nd document).  Print on card stock and cut out.
Kids Spirit Week:  We’re our teacher’s BIGGEST FANS! Wear your favorite sports team attire!

Thursday: Hall of Fame
Deliver the 4x6 picture you took on Monday in an 8x10 colored frame from Ikea ($1.99) with a mat or card stock that all the kids in the class have signed.
Kids Spirit Week: Our teachers are our ROCK STARS, CELEBRITIES and SUPER HEROES! Dress like your favorite one (no masks, please)!

Friday: Celebrity Lunch
Crepes in the Media Center or faculty room after school (can be decorated - optional)
Kids Spirit Week: Teachers make our futures BRIGHT! Wear shades or sunglasses!

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