Monday, August 31, 2015

2015-2016 Reflections Bulletin Board

I'm the PTA Bulletin Board specialist this year.  It's a little intimidating as the girl who did all of them for the last 2 years was AMAZING!  Big shoes to fill!  And I also was informed by the Fire Marshall that bulletin boards cannot be 3-D due to a potential fire hazard!  I was a little bummed as I had some big 3-D plans for this bulletin board.  So now it's nice and plain.  Informative, but plain.

Our back-to-school board is always Refletions Themed so here's what I came up with...
I had the documents printed at our District's Teacher Resource Center on their big poster-sized printer.  I found the big poster HERE (which I did crop off the bottom and shortened it a bit lengthwise to make it fit on our bulletin board) and the Rules Summary HERE (there's a more generic one HERE if you are not from Utah).

To make it 3-D I had the thought of putting cotton batting all along the bottom portion to have the effect of the clouds being extended.  But instead I just put up a blue ribbon border all the way around.  As soon as we have the date for when entries are due, I'll add that too.

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