Friday, August 28, 2015

Flashcard Friday

I ran into a problem about a year into teaching my kids piano.  They were insisting on Free-Day Fridays.  And my response get 2 free days already! They are Saturdays and Sundays so NO WAY...But come Friday afternoons, we all just kind of want to take it easy (mostly me!!) so I found a compromise!

Flashcards!!  And the alliteration was perfect - FLASHCARD FRIDAYS!

I bought ours at the local music shop but you can get them from Amazon HERE.

For every card my child gets right, they get an m&m.  A fun little treat for doing your piano on Fridays :).  My kids don't even mind doing them.  For their level, we don't use all the cards so I only use the ones that they have learned in their lesson books and gradually incorporate more as we learn them.

So on Fridays, we put the music books aside and pull out the flashcards and m&m's.  A way to still have FUN on FRIDAYS while still "practicing!"

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