Monday, September 21, 2015

Cub Scout Hike Activity Worksheet

This month my twins' Cub Scout Wolf den has been working on the Paws of the Path adventure and I'm in charge of our hike (I'm a den mother).  I created this little worksheet so the cubs can fulfill the requirements that need to be met while hiking.  The boys can work on it in groups, with their families, etc.  

It's a 2-page document that you can download HERE.  Pictured above is only the first page.  I printed these back-to-back so each cub will get 1 page and a pencil to be able to fill it out.  Then when then turn it in, I can go track all the requirements they completed for the hike.

Also on our hike, the den is providing hot dogs and families are bringing potluck side dishes.  It should make for a fun evening up the canyon, out in nature!

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