Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Taboo!

I created this Halloween Taboo game to play at a Halloween party we were throwing for our friends.  It turned out to be TONS of fun and super easy!

You can download these 360 cards document HERE.  I printed first on regular white paper, cut out the squares, then mounted on some fun yellow cardstock squares, then laminated.  But printing originally on card stock and laminating would definitely suffice.  I found a fun little pumpkin bag to store them in.

You will need some sort of buzzer.  I really like this one from Amazon HERE.  Or what's even more fun is if you can find some sort of Halloween themed buzzer with all those scary halloween sounds!

If you're unsure how to play Taboo, you can find the instructions HERE at Wikipedia.

Hopefully this game will be a fun addition to your Halloween party!!

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