Friday, September 18, 2015

Red Ribbon Week Bulletin Board

I'm finished designing our Red Ribbon Week / Halloween bulletin board!  I did it in conjunction with our Red Ribbon Week Coordinator who themed our Red Ribbon week "Fly High with a Natural High."

I sent it to our Teacher Resource Center for printing on the big poster-sized paper via JPEG format HERE.  But if a PDF file is better, that one is HERE.  It printed up as a 3' x 6' document.  For a border, I purchased this solid black trim from Amazon HERE that I'll hopefully be able to re-use on other bulletin boards.

Then, as part of our Red Ribbon week activities, the kids will be able to pledge to not to do drugs with these little bats:

Download that document HERE.  I also had these printed at our Teacher Resource Center on card stock in black.  Each student will get a bat (10 bats per page - with enough pages to go to each class to be cut out for the students) and sign their name in the white box.  Then as classes, they will come staple them on the white portion of the bulletin board.  Super easy but super fun!

UPDATE:  Here's the finished product!
(only teachers would arrange the bats so orderly!)

If you want to see my whole Red Ribbon Week activity I did last year, you can find it HERE.

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