Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Red Ribbon Week

I was in charge of Red Ribbon Week at our elementary school last year.  It was a big success so I thought I'd share for those needing ideas!

There were 4 different areas we focused on for our Red Ribbon Week:

1.  The first area was a Spirit Week (what kid doesn't love a good spirit week?) We sent home a Spirit Week Flyer the week before so the kids could prepare:

(2 per page so they can be cut in half)

You can download an editable document (so you can input the date or make changes you need for your school) HERE.  *Hats are normally not permitted in our school district so we get special permission to wear them during a spirit week*

2.  Handouts.  Each child received something from the PTA that was Red Ribbon related.  Each morning we placed the items in the teacher boxes to be handed out during the morning news announcements.  Here's what the gifts were:

Monday: Bracelets purchased from Oriental Trading HERE
Tuesday: Stickers from Oriental Trading HERE
Wednesday: Pencils from Oriental Trading HERE
Thursday: Bookmarks (the kids made them - see details below)
Friday: Twizzlers – “Don’t let drugs twist your mind! from Oriental Trading but I can't see them anymore.  You can find all their Red Ribbon week treats HERE.  The Twizzlers were individually wrapped and we stapled on this tag that we printed on red paper and had cut out:
You can download the document HERE.

3.  Each handout coincided with a {simple} activity...each activity took about 5 minutes, except maybe the bookmark:

Monday: Ribbons tied on the fence in the front of the school.  We found red ribbon at a local retailer and cut them into about 8 inch strips.  Each class walked out and the students tied their own ribbons on.  The Principal asked that we keep the ribbons on as long as they looked good.  Our Student Council took them down a few months later.

Tuesday: Place signed sticker (their "pledge" to be drug free) on our bulletin board:
(the bulletin board doubled as our Halloween bulletin board as well!!)

Wednesday: color the picture to hang in hallway or on classroom door found HERE.  They used their new pencils (and crayons if they wanted) for this activity.  We had both of these pages printed back-to-back so kids could draw and/or write how they'd be drug free:

Thursday: Make a drug-free bookmark.  The PTA provided the paper bookmark and the teachers used any craft supplies to decorate.  The crazier the better!  Here are my samples I created at home:
Here's the document I used to create these:
You can download it HERE.  I printed the sheets on various colors of neon-colored card stock I bought at Wal-Mart and then we had them cut apart.  The kids did the actual cutting out.

Friday: This video was shared with our morning announcements:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Which isn't embedding properly so you can find it HERE.  The kids were in their pj's and enjoyed their Red Ribbon treat as they watched!

4.  Everything was announced every morning over the news.  Here's our write-up:

Monday:  We hope everyone is RED-Y [get it!] for Red Ribbon Week!  Thanks to all the kids who wore their red or their school t-shirts!  Today, all students will be receiving a Red Ribbon Week bracelet, thanks to our PTA!  Try to wear them all week long!

Also, all classes should have received red ribbons!  Each class today needs to walk out to the front of the school and tie the ribbons on the fence in a double knot!  Let’s show our community our school is drug free!!

Tuesday: Is everyone ready to walk out on drugs today?  We hope you all wore your mismatched shoes & socks!  All students will receive a Red Ribbon Week sticker today to wear and a tag to pledge to be drug free!!  Sign your name on your tag and as a class, march on over to the bulletin board located just outside the office and hang them up!  Let’s all pledge to be drug free!

Wednesday: So glad to see so many students putting a cap on drugs!  Great hats!!  Today, all students will receive a Red Ribbon Week pencil!  You can use your pencils to write what you’ll do instead of drugs, and then color a picture on the other side.  Make sure to hang your papers in the hall outside your classrooms!

Thursday:  Doing drugs is crazy – just like a lot of our students’ hair!  Great job with the crazy hair day!    All students today will be able to decorate a crazy bookmark to take home for being drug free!  Get creative and use crayons, markers, scissors, hole punches, anything you like to make it CRAZY!!

Friday:  You all must have great dreams because you look fantastic in your pajamas!   Thanks for participating in our Red Ribbon Week this week!  All students will receive a Red Ribbon Week candy Twizzler!  “Don’t let drugs twist your mind!”  Also, all classes need to watch this 2 1/2 minute YouTube video entitled, “I’m Only Me if I’m Drug Free!”

5.  I suppose there were 5 venues where we advertised Red Ribbon Week.  We made sure the date was on our marquee located outside our school.  It just read "Red Ribbon Week [date]."  It began the week before Red Ribbon Week started.

*All teachers were emailed a copy of this information the week before Red Ribbon Week so they were aware of the daily activities, handouts, etc.  They appreciated being informed beforehand and the feedback I received from them was that it was well organized, the activities were simple yet well implemented and received, and everyone had a great week!

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