Friday, October 23, 2015

Gobbling up Colorful Books Bulletin Board

I asked our PTA President this year if she had any ideas for a Thanksgiving bulletin board and she said something about being thankful for books.  This is what I came up with along those lines!

I found the original idea HERE.  I printed my document at our Teacher Resource Center as a 3' x 6' document.  If you'd like to use it, I removed our school's name so anyone can.  You can download a JPEG copy of this document HERE or a PDF copy HERE (the PDF version may be to small to print large-scale so I'd recommend the JPEG version).  I'd also suggest adding your school's name with some fun die cuts!

If you'll notice the turkey is BARE...and for good reason!  The classes, throughout the month of November, can add a feather each day for any books they read together.  The goal is to have the turkey filled up by Thanksgiving recess.  When I put up the document, I may score around the top half of the turkey so feathers can be partially tucked under the head and shoulders.  Then I'll just staple around the head so it doesn't fold downward but so the feathers can still be tucked.

For the feather activity, I created these:
You can download them HERE.  I also had these printed at our Teacher Resource Center but on various fall colored sheets of paper (red, green, yellow and orange).  Each teacher will receive 3 sheets which should get them through the whole month. I also created these feathers for individual classes to use if you like, instead of a whole school.  Find those feathers HERE.

I typed up a simple instruction sheet for each teacher to attach to the feathers that reads:

Hi Teachers:

This month, the PTA bulletin board will be tracking the books your class reads together...

Each day when a book is read, cut out a feather, fill it out and staple it to the turkey located on the bulletin board in the front hall (the more random the colors, the better!  You should have enough feathers to add one for each school day in November.

The goal is to get the turkey filled by Thanksgiving recess!

Thank you for your support!  If you have any questions, contact [my name and email].


Anyway, should be a fun way for the students to interact with a Thanksgiving themed bulletin board this month!!  Here's how our final board turned out:

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