Monday, October 5, 2015

Soccer Patches

With coaching our 8-year old twins' soccer team, this year we implemented these iron-on soccer patches...

We saw another coach using them last year and ended up buying our own from  We ordered a few various ones (not all of the ones pictured).  My husband passes them out after each game to boys who demonstrate certain skills during the game (assisting, goaly, best striker, etc.)  Also at practice each week the boys are assigned 15 minutes of soccer practice to do at home.  If at the game they have done all their practicing, they will also receive a star patch.  Everyone manages to do their soccer homework!  The website also has simple instructions on how to iron them on HERE.

The boys have responded to them so well!  After each game, handing out the patches is looked forward to more than the snack (and that's saying a lot!).  So if you coach a youth soccer team, I'd highly suggest some soccer patches!!

What a cute bunch of boys...

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