Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board

Since the holidays take up a lot of calendar time for December (okay, and it's one less thing to do around the crazy holidays), our PTA likes to combine December and January bulletin boards.  Here's what I came up with:

I give credit to my husband who suggested I should do something about being outside and having fun in the snow (he's a serious skiier and winter is his FAVORITE season!).  So after some Googling, I found this general idea HERE and ran with it.

I was just going to have the document above printed but then I decided to cut out all the images and piece it all together, letting me utilize a little more space on the bulletin board (the above image prints as a 3'x6' document where our bulletin board is 4'x8'.  So below are all my "pieces" to print that I'll cut out and arrange similar to how I have them placed in the above document...

You can download all 3 of these images HERE to print.  I had them printed at our Teacher Resource Center on the large poster paper.  Then for the bulletin board, I have white butcher paper as the background - super simple.  And a cute black and white chevron boarder from Michaels found on clearance!  Similar to this one on Amazon HERE.

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