Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Baptism Gift Idea

My twins' friends have all been getting baptized.  This is what our family likes to give them:

Most kids when they get baptized receive a new set of scriptures so I like to give these to help them personalize their scritpures.  I buy them from Deseret Book.  There are several different series available but I like to give the Savior Series.  You can buy it online HERE from Deseret Book or Amazon has several of the other series available as well.

Then I attach a little homemade card complete with their name at the top.  My kids sign the bottom and I tie it up with a white ribbon.  Easy!

I have a little boy card...

And a little girl card...

You can download these HERE.  I like to print them on white card stock.  The clipart is courtesy of my favorite artist Susan Fitch found HERE.

These would also make great gifts from the primary after a primary child has been baptized!

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