Friday, January 15, 2016

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board

These are the pieces I sent in to our school's Teacher Resource Center for printing.  It will print out as a 3' x 6' document.  Our elementary school's February (and into March) bulletin board needed to accomplish several items:

1.  Valentine's Day - so our school LOVES to read!
2.  Advertise for our school's book fair
3.  Advertise for our school's read-a-thon on Dr. Seuss' birthday

I know most school's won't need all of our school's detailed events :) so I created a more generic image to help others:

You can download the image HERE.  For the Dr. Seuss font, I downloaded this Grinch 2.0 font HERE.  You can use that font to fill in your school's name if you like.

To assemble the bulletin board, I will have a white butcher paper background with red butcher paper stripes going across (the stripes I cut are 5 inches wide with 5 inches of white in between).  Then I'll cut out all the images and arrange them so they look correct!

Here's the final product:

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