Monday, February 29, 2016

Fun Run Bulletin Board & Donations Chart

I've been busy working on our school's upcoming bulletin board which will also double as our donations chart.  The PTA's goal is to have each class gather $200.00 in donations.  The winner(s) get(s) a class party!

Each class has their own set of "runners" which I have labeled with each teacher's name (this isn't pictured above - only a demo of what the runner looks like is pictured, and not to size!).  As donations are collected over the next few weeks, the classes will advance around the track in correlation to their donation amounts.

There are 2 documents needed to create the bulletin board.  First is the basic track.  I removed our school's name and mascot to create a generic one that anyone can use:

I have this printed at our Teacher Resource Center as a 3' x 6' document.

I created enough runners for each of the classes at our school and added the teachers' names to each one.

Then I included clip art images which will be cut out and placed around the track. These items are all present at our school's Fun Run so it was fun to incorporate them into the bulletin board.  I also have all the business logos who have helped sponsor our race as well.  As we get more, I'll simply add them to our board.

Download all my documents HERE.

Here's the finished product including all our great sponsors:

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