Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Studio C Valentine Card Printables

These arrived in my inbox yesterday.  I was SO thrilled to use them...we LOVE Studio C around here!  The document to download is HERE.  But since I have a million little kiddos who need a million Valentine's Day cards, I adjusted the images so they are a little smaller and print 8 to a page...

You can download my adjustment HERE.  I printed ours on white card stock then I had my kids tape on a sucker and write the names on the back.  Pretty original and pretty fun(ny)!

If you've never heard of Studio C, you are missing out!  Think Saturday Night Live but CLEAN humor that the whole family can enjoy!  You can find their YouTube Channel HERE or watch them every Monday night at 8:00 MST on BYUtv.

I love being able to promote clean, wholesome entertainment for all ages!  Keep up the great work Studio C!!

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