Monday, February 15, 2016

The Twins are in Business!

My almost 9-year old twin boys have started a little business {okay, let's be honest here with LOTS of help from mom and - mostly - dad}!  They will be stocking the freezer at my husband's office with frozen entrees.  My husband works for my dad's law firm so so we've got a SMALL "in."

We went to Costco and bought several frozen entrees to sell for a small profit.  We plan on re-stocking the freezer when items get low (which hopefully is every week or so).

Here's the little flyer I created to advertise our business and to post prices on the refrigerator:

It will run as an on-your-honor type of thing as no one will be monitoring theft.  That's why we made sure everyone knew the reason why we are trying to do this.  Ya know, tug at some heart strings so no one wants to steal from little boys trying to serve their church! ;)

We cut these out and passed them around the office: 

Wish us luck on our little business endeavor!

*If you are interested in a customized flyer, please contact me using the form on the right.

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