Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Bingo

I'm helping out with my Kindergartener's Valentine's Day class party.  I decided to play Valentine's Day Bingo with the kids.  I couldn't find what I wanted online so I opted to make my own!
I made 30 different sheets that you can download HERE (print as many as you need).  I made them black and white so I could print them on colored card stock - half on red and the other half on pink.  I'm hoping that will help teachers who don't have access to color printers as well. I then laminated them for durability (and so they can be wiped clean afterward!).

Download the calling cards HERE.  I printed these on white card stock, laminated, cut out and placed in a Ziplock baggie.

There are 30 images but only 16 squares on the bingo sheets so obviously not all the pictures are on all the sheets - it's good to forewarn the kiddos so they don't flip out when they can't find a certain picture on their sheet!

To use as markers, I'm simply bringing enough conversation hearts for each child:

The kids can go for 4-in-a-row or blackout.  I'm planning on a nice "high 5" for each 4-in-a-row and their prize for blackout is they get to eat all their hearts :).  Super easy and super fun!

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