Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Interactive Preschooler Calendar

My little preschooler is CONSTANTLY asking what we are doing on any particular day in addition to what we are eating for lunch. Then he repeats the questions for tomorrow, then the next day, and the next get the point!  The poor little guy just wants to know what the heck is going on in his life!  As he probably should want to know!

So I came up with this interactive calendar to help him {and me} out!  This gives him a little more know about the upcoming events in his "busy" little life.  Some things he can choose to add to the calendar and others, I will choose for obvious reasons (he's only allowed one day a week to have chicken nuggets - otherwise it would be EVERY day or we always go to Story Time at the library on Thursdays).  He can move items all around, move the arrow so he knows what day is today, and it also teaches him a little about the days of the week.

Download this document HERE.  Note that this prints on LEGAL paper so be warned!  Designing the calendar on letter sized paper just didn't fit quite right, but I wanted everything to fit on a single sheet of paper.  Legal size was my compromise.  I then laminated mine for durability (with legal sized laminating sheets).  Your preschooler can write their name on the line either before or after you laminate it.  I went for after so I can re-use it with the next child.

Here are the various calendar activities:

These print on regular paper.  Download them HERE.  I printed mine on white card stock and laminated.  There are duplicates of some of the images for obvious reasons - like in case you go to the gym more than once a week ;).  Then I cut out all the circles. **I have more circle options coming - toys, zoo, soccer, dance, pizza night, babysitter - if you can think of more that you would like, let me know!**

I adhered sticky velcro to the calendar as pictured above and the opposite sides of the velcro to the back sides of the circles.  The arrow moves along the bottom row of velcro so the child knows what the current day is.

So far, my little guy is enjoying planning out his little schedule.  An added bonus is he's becoming better acquainted with the days of the week!


  1. I shared this twice! Very cute!

  2. Great idea! My preschooler does the same thing. All day, every day haha. This could come in handy.