Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Bubble Solution!

I've had a dire hatred of the whole blowing bubbles activity for kids, for a long LONG time!  When the 2-year old would hand me a small jug of bubbles to open, I'd cringe...knowing full well that in less than a minute's time, I'd be hosing down spilled bubbles from the patio, changing the toddler's bubble-soaked outfit, then dealing with the aftermath of a traumatized kid who doesn't understand why she can't play with bubbles anymore.  Ugh!!

Then came a Pinterest pin that actually changed my life.  Well, at least the way I view bubbles.  And because nothing I do looks like it did on Pinterest, here's what I came up with to fit my family's needs.

Hence, my bubble solution:
It's ugly, but it works!

I simply used 2 large yogurt containers with only one of them needing the lid.  One container I taped to our patio post using packaging tape at chest height of my shortest child.  Before I taped it on, I put several holes in the bottom using the tips of my scissors - just so it can drain when the sprinklers/rain/hose/bugs water get inside.  Then with the other container, I slid it inside the first and filled it full of bubbles.  This way, when we are finished playing bubbles, I can put a lid on it and bring it inside (for whatever reason, when the bubbles are exposed to heat, then cold at night, then heat again, etc. they stop working).  But if I forget to cover it and bring it inside and the soap is all gross, I can simply lift it from the post, dump it out and refill.  The bubble holder contraption just hangs there all summer!  I know I've mentioned I do ghetto well and this is just another example!!

Then I have a huge assortment of bubble wands that I've collected over the years from the little jugs of bubbles, and I bought several large wands HERE from Amazon (I just don't like how the wand stick bends - when stepped on, they break!).  When I buy bubbles, I simply buy the huge economy jug size and fill up my yogurt container when it gets low.

Blowing bubbles has now become a favorite activity for the kids AND me!  I'm no longer cleaning up spilled bubbles and the kids will blow bubbles for HOURS and I'm not kidding!

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