Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beyond the Sandwich - for Adults

I've seen lots of articles for alternatives to the sandwich for kids' lunches but what about us adults?  After all, we're just as bored with the same old sandwich as our kiddos!  

So I've been on a quest to find alternatives to a sandwich for lunch.  Don't get me wrong, my tastebuds LOVE bread but not my scale!  When you take away bread, lunch all of a sudden becomes VERY difficult.  A sandwich (slapped with TONS of mayo, right?!) is usually my go-to for lunch when last night's leftovers aren't sounding very appealing (or there are none!).

Here's what I've come up with to help add some healthy variety to lunch.  Some do require a little cooking (which I really try to keep minimal for lunch time).  If you work outside of your home, I'd recommend whipping up any of these dishes the night before as they are GREAT when heated up the next day!

Sweet Potato Fries HERE with a side of cottage cheese.

This Caesar Salad recipe HERE becomes a meal when I add pre-cooked sliced chicken strips that I simply warm up, dice and throw in.  For a more on-the-go version, stack it all in a 1-quart canning jar.  Start with the dressing and add in the more firm ingredients, ending with the lettuce.

Whole wheat tortilla pesto chicken wrap.  No recipe for this unless you want homemade pesto HERE (which I would HIGHLY recommend).
Spread the pesto on your tortilla, add your favorite lunchmeat, greens (spinach is pictured above) and a slice of cheese.  Roll it up and you are good to go!

Tuna Salad Lettuce Boats
Another recipe-free meal!  Open up a can of tuna and mix in half of a ripe avocado, some plain greek yogurt, and any diced fruit (like apples or grapes) and chopped nuts.  I added some garlic and onion powder as well, in addition to some salt.  Serve in Romaine lettuce leaves and you have a yummy sandwich alternative!

Do you have anything that you LOVE to eat for lunch that doesn't revolve around bread or pasta?  Do share!!

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  1. These are all such great ideas! I tend to just eat leftovers. These all look amazing and fresh - way better than a sandwich! I think I might want to try them for dinner even :)Thanks for the ideas