Monday, April 4, 2016

What's For Dinner - This {SPRING BREAK} Week

My kids are off this week for Spring Break - HOORAY!  And since they get a week off, I've decided that I do too!  Well, at least from dinner anyway.

We are going to just play it by ear this week.  We will be traveling later this week so until we head out, here are a few things I may whip of if I feel like it (In-N-Out may be calling our name at least one of these nights!):

  • Grilled Cheese (check out HERE how to make a mean Grilled Cheese!) & Tomato Soup - that's right, from the can!
  • Breakfast for dinner: check out all my breakfast items HERE.  Some of my favorites are Baked Oatmeal HERE (don't let the name fool you - this stuff is GOOD!), Egg Ham and Cheese Bake HERE, Hash Brown Sausage Bake HERE or Sausage and Biscuits HERE.
  • Bean Burritos (a can of refried beans on a tortilla and grilled)
  • Quinoa Bites HERE (these are SO easy but are still healthy so my diet won't be totally crushed this week!)
Check back next week for my regular meal plans, or you can look back on the weeks of meal planning I've previously posted HERE.

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