Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What's For Dinner - This Week

The hardest part of cooking dinner is coming up with something to eat.  My hope is to help you out here - even if it's only one night!  Below is what I have planned for my family for dinner this week.

I like to plan my weekly dinner menu on Mondays as I grocery shop Tuesday mornings.  So my weekly menu runs from Tuesday to the following Monday.  But of course, do what works best with your schedule!  If you want to see more of how I meal plan, find all the posts in my series HERE.

In addition to what I have planned below, I usually have a simple side dish of steamed green vegetables (broccoli, green beans, Brussel sprouts, etc.) and almost always a green salad.  You can find my salads HERE.

I keep all my recipes on my recipe blog for easy storing and sharing.  When I learn how to use my new camera, I'll one day {maybe} add a fabulous picture to each of my recipes ;)!  Until then, you'll just have to leave it to your imagination as to how good they are :).

Red Curry Halibut HERE (we usually make the sauce in large batches and freeze it because it is so labor intensive!)

BBQ Chicken Quinoa HERE (I substituted Italian Dressing instead of the barbecue sauce - when I cooked the chicken I sprinkled a dry packet of Italian Dressing and then tossed the quinoa salad with more dressing that I made from another packet - it was DELICIOUS and less sugar than if I had used barbecue sauce!)

Meatball Subs HERE (I make my meatballs using this recipe but I omit the pineapple and water chestnuts).  Then I just heat jarred spaghetti sauce and place the meatballs in the sauce.  To make the subs I use hoagie buns and a slice of swiss cheese.

Pizza night!  Wahoo!

Fridge clean out (aka leftovers!)

Chicken Rolls HERE with mashed potatoes and country gravy

Zucchini Cakes with Marinara HERE

DISCLAIMER:  This menu is always subject to change to the closest fast food joint on any given day ;).


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