Friday, October 7, 2016

Red Ribbon Week Bulletin Board - Star Wars Theme

I designed our PTA's bulletin board for Red Ribbon Week that also coincides as our Halloween bulletin board (since Red Ribbon Week is the week right before Halloween this year).  The theme chosen was "Star Wars" and the "Power to Choose."  This is what I came up with...

We always like to incorporate the bulletin board as part of our weekly activities (see details for what we've done in past years for Red Ribbon Week HERE and HERE).  This year the kids will be able to pledge to be drug free by signing their names on a star, cutting it out and stapling it on to the bulletin board using these stars:

You can download both of these images HERE.  The poster image is designed to print as a 3'x7' document that we have printed at the Teacher Resource Center.  The stars will be copied at our school and distributed to the teachers as whole pages.  The teacher will be able to cut out the squares for their students and the students can cut out their stars.

For the bulletin board, I'll have black butcher paper behind the poster image since our bulletin board is bigger than the poster.  I'll post my finished product as soon as I get it up.

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