Thursday, November 3, 2016

November Bulletin Board - Stuffed with a Great Staff!

This bulletin board was really fun to create {and won't lie - a lot of work - but totally worth it!}
(I have a little space left near the top just in case someone got missed!):

I used this PNG image (no background) and inserted individual head shots that I took of all the staff at our school including teachers, aids, admin, custodial and lunch workers.  The total came to 76 so it was no small effort but the result was super fun!

Download my image HERE.  If you aren't computer savvy, you can easily cut and paste photos into the blank head selection.

For the header on my bulletin board, I just downloaded a free font for the "STUFFED" writing that was called haystack and had it printed on 3' wide paper.  Die cut lettering would be great as well.

I purchased the golden border from Amazon HERE.

As I was putting it up, all the employees and kids walking by couldn't help but make comments about it, wondering where someone was, chuckling, etc. - I'd call that a success already!

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