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Hi, I'm Camille and WELCOME to What 5 Teach Me!

This website is dedicated to my kids!  Without them, it wouldn't exist.  What I post here is everything and anything in my life that I create or do (or have to deal with) because I have kids.  It's random things like invitations I create, cub scouts, PTA, DIY piano lessons, personal struggles, home organization and the like.  Take a look around and if you are interested, you can follow by email or Pinterest, all over on the right.

A little more about me...I'm the oldest of 10 kids (6 sisters, 3 brothers).  No, I didn't babysit a lot growing up - I had a pretty cool mom in that regard.  I'm a Latter-Day Saint (aka LDS or Mormon) which probably needs to go without saying seeing the size of the family I grew up in!  I enjoy being a mom although it tries my patience, especially at bedtime.  I enjoy cooking but not baking - there is a difference!  I have to try really hard to be active but when it comes to physical activity I enjoy lap swimming, running, and the occasional P90X video (I skip lots of them!).  I was in my HS Madrigal choir in high school and I still like to sing.  But it scares me to death to perform as I don't do it enough.  I struggle with some minor anxiety and insomnia quite often that I'm trying to not let control my life.  Sometimes it gets the better of me and I just have to try again the next day.  I have a great husband who is my biggest fan - especially in launching this website!  I'll be honest, it's kind of scary to put yourself out there, especially when it's things that you think are pretty great and others may not quite agree :).

Thanks for visiting and I hope you can find something useful here!  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or feedback (positive feedback is always appreciated!), or just want to connect with another mom who has LOTS of work and daily struggles when dealing with kids and family life! 


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